Katzbeck Windows

Katzbeck Top bespoke products
Do you request more than simply a broad range of standard products? We build exactly to measure. For listed buildings too!

Clean assembly and fitting
Enjoy your new windows - because we will do all the cleaning up after installation.

Katzbeck gives five years warranty on wood, glass and fittings.

Ten years warranty on the surfaces of your RSG-certified windows. Ecofriendly surface treatment.

Fourfold protection
with four-layer surface coating.

For your safety
Burglarproof locks and closing parts on doors and windows are standard.

Strong and big
Major thermal benefits and a unique variety of sizes with 80 mm wood thickness.

Convenience & design
Katzbeck windows combine cutting-edge technology with maximum convenience - in every conceivable colour, shape and design.

Wood from Austria
Katzbeck uses only top quality wood from Austrian forests.

Protection and comfort
Katzbeck products have been put to test in sultry Panonian summers, torrential Alpine storms and the acoustical pandemonium of Viennese traffic. Enjoy the comfort of true and tested protection.

View the full Katzbeck window range here.

Katzbeck D1

D1, the innovative wood/aluminium window from our own research and development department combines high quality design, maximum energy efficiency, the highest level of safety and extraordinary comfort. Remarkable details, top-of-the-line appearance and state-of-the-art technology make D1 the frontrunner of sophisticated architecture.

The very slim wood elevation increases the glazing surface and improves the thermal protection value of the window. The result: bright, open and rooms suffused with light. The revolutionary, micro-foam sealant increases longevity and durability and improves soundproofing and thermal protection. Katzbeck – the specialist for wood/aluminium and wood windows.